Welcome to McCulloch House Museum & Genealogy Centre!


Please take a minute to browse our site and take the time to visit us in person.

We are located at 86 Haliburton Road & 100 Haliburton Road in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

We provided guided tours, or an informative self guided tour (if you prefer) of the McCulloch House Museum at 100 Haliburton Road.

We also promote local history by offering exhibits about our community, our families and the history of Pictou County at the Genealogy Centre. Currently we are hosting "Pieces of Pictou: Canada 150 " in February.

Our extensive research, archival and library collection is a valuable resource for researchers, students, historians and genealogists.

"Telling the story of Scots in Pictou County..."

Upcoming Events


Canada 150 Exhibit 

"Pieces from Pictou" from  1867


March 24 2017

"It's All About Community!"

Marketing & Revenue Generation Workshop with Facilitator, Rosalyn Rubenstein www.rubensteinassociates.com


$40 registration fee. Applicants must be a representative of a Pictou County non-for-profit organization. 

Register by emailing Michelle.Davey@novascotia.ca

Deadline February 28 2017


April 2 2017

Tartan Day celebration in partnership with the St. Andrew's Society

Haggis ~ Scotch tasting ~ Music & Story

6:00 pm McCulloch Centre

The HAGGIS Archival Tool

HAGGIS - Hector Archiving Gateway and Genealogical Indexing System


We've developed our own customized tool to enhance the enquiry and archival process for genealogy researchers. 


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